Kindle Select Trends

I don’t usually debate the pros and cons of authors selling their books via Kindle Select (erroneously but commonly referred to as “KU” — as Kindle Unlimited is what the reader side of the program is called). To get into any discussion about KU versus Wide would be, I feel, a waste of pixels. Authors tend to feel very strongly about one or the other, and I’ve never heard of a hybrid author doing well.

For the record, I’m very much pro “wide” distribution. Bear that in mind for a minute.

Joe Solari, author of Advantage: Harnessing Cumulative Advantage in the Winner Takes All Publishing Market, recently released a post about Kindle Select. The post, “A Smaller Slice of a Shrinking Kindle Select Pie“, doesn’t debate the pros and cons, but does go into actual data, and extrapolate trends.

As the post title suggests, it’s not a good trend Solari has uncovered. If you’re in KU, or thinking about committing to KU, you might appreciate the data he’s presented.

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