Weekly Log – March 10, 2020: In Recovery

This week’s log:

Monday: Plotting
Tuesday: Plotting
Wednesday: Plotting
Thursday: Plotting
Friday: Plotting


As the image hints, I’ve been dealing with a disaster in the family and it has knocked me off center for weeks now…and I thought I had been dealing with it just fine.

However, as Marcus Aurelius insisted, I have slowly found my way back to something like the old rhythm (although replicating those old habits exactly as they used to be is impossible, now).

I’ve re-centered.

But last week was as bad as the previous weeks, work-wise.  I was technically plotting, but didn’t get a lot of it done at all.  I’ve had to reschedule that book (which is for one of my pen names) and move on to the next in the queue, because I was that far behind.  And the more I sweated over catching up, the more I just couldn’t seem to make myself work on the book.

It was time for some corrective surgery.

More about this in Friday’s post and how I pulled myself out of it, which you might find useful when you hit a similar black spot.


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