And Now for Something Completely Different.

Brace yourselves. This is a post that is only indirectly related to productivity, but I am sure that as indie fiction writers, you’ll be interested in this.

I’ve been hinting and referencing all the heavy duty work I’ve been doing the last few weeks, and now I can point to something solid and say “there, this is what I’ve been doing.”  Finally.  Although my contributions to this project is all behind-the-scenes.

Oh, and I’ve also been writing, too.  My latest book was released yesterday (a pen name that is still in the closet, so I can’t provide a link here).

A new space opera anthology has sent out a call for submissions.  The early draft of the cover is at the right (author names will be added when they’re selected).

Details are here.

The relationship to productivity?

It’s a short deadline.  The call is for 5K to 10K, but for prolific authors, or those with good work processes, writing 10K in six weeks is absolutely do-able.

You might even want to add it as a secondary writing project that you do in your spare time.  But you could also knock a story out over a weekend or two, easy.

Consider it a challenge.

I will be rolling up my sleeves and submitting, myself.

See you there.



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